ad:mt – International forelæsning med Christian Veddeler d. 2/5

Christian Veddeler, associate director og senior arkitekt ved UN Studio, Amsterdam kommer og fortæller om nye spændende projekter fra det kendte hollandske kontor. Det sker mandag d. 2. Maj, kl. 16.00-17.30 i auditoriet på Utzon Center i Aalborg.

As part of the ‘Dutch boom’ in the 1990’s and start 00’s Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos and the UN Studio had very international orientated approach with focus on interdisciplinary approaches in the office. This also included a strong commitment to push new frontiers in a computational approach to architecture, urbanism and design. Today UN studio keep setting new frontiers in architecture, urbanism and design with projects like Mercedes Benz Museum, Galleria Centercity in Korea, New Campus for Singapore University, The New Amsterdam Pavillion in NY just to mention a few. All projects in very different scales but based on same parametric and formal approach. See more on . All projects are created in state of the art 3D models that only few offices on a world basis, can handle today. And by this UN Studio challenges the relation between architects and engineers like few other offices.

Billede: Stemningsbillede fra UN Studios kontorer.

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