Aero pavillion

Sidste onsdag, d. 27. April, var der fernisering på AERO pavillonen på Honørkajen ved Utzon Center i Aalborg.

Pavillonen er blevet til igennem et miniprojekt i digital design på 4. semester. Pavillonen vil være udstillet på Honørkajen til sidst på ugen, og vil derefter blive flyttet til Utzon Centerets gård, hvis man skulle have lyst til at studere den nærmere.

Om Aero pavillonen:
“The Aero Pavillon creates a circular airflow stream perpendicular to its openings developing an upward draught at the inner side facing the wind and a downward draught on the opponent side.

The invisible environment becomes a constructive element and emphasize the immediate understanding of the airflow, which again define the perceptive characteristics of internal space. Environmental conditions of wind combined with the penetration of light through the structure is thereby utilised as means for architectural articulation.

The simplicity of the form is created from the controlled complexity of planar plywood plates in digital parametric models for simple and fast production and assembly. Structural integrity is maintained through an interlocking system created of three types of elements – horizontal plates, vertical plates and dowels.” Kilde

Beskrivelse af projektets ide og opsætning:
“The studio is organized in a series of 5 phases emphasizing on the shaping, organisation and construction of architectural structures driven by aerodynamic experiments evaluated through spatial, structural and environmental perspectives.

This resembles a morphogenetic procedure through looping experiments, observations, registrations and alterations focusing on air velocity, pressure zones, turbulence and material and spatial composition towards new aerodynamic architectural design solutions.

In parallel – investigations into advanced methods of digital production techniques allow above to be explored from constructive principles, focusing on joints, fabrication and assembly techniques.

Resulting from described studies is a series of pavilion structures created to which one is selected for 1:1 construction situated at the windy harbour front in the centre of Aalborg.

The studio is organised by Mads Brath Jensen and Isak Worre Foged”

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