ieaworkshop – OBSTRUCTION

The three days obstruction workshop at AAA Aarhus School of Architecture was arranged by Oscar Rommens og Joris Van Reusel from Import.Export Architecture together with Karen Olesen, Christian Carlsen and Andriette Ahrenkiel from AAA, Department of Architecture, Agile Architecture.

The OBSTRUCTION workshop [1-4]

3. The obstruction of the vertical section / slicing (individual work)

Each student performs a vertical section of the chosen model, based on the interest explained in obstruction 2. It should be considered which tool will be used for the section and how this tool may affect the object.

Obstruction #3 “Section by shadow”: Astrid Philipsen Bak

To make a section by using the tool light and shadow. Inspiration : a piece of curled op paper, and how it creates it’s own shadow. Inspired by the curled up paper I made to different reliefs. The reliefs create their own shadow in the same way, as the paper does. By lighting the reliefs with different lightintensity I created new sections only by using light.

To see all of the obstructions and projects, visit:

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