Se Sou Fujimoto’s forelæsning på AAA

Forelæsning af den japanske arkitekt Sou Fujimoto

Arkitektskolen Aarhus, 13. maj 2011

“Sou Fujimoto is one of Japans young and most succesfull architects. His studio has brought us some of the most valuable projects in Japan. In smaller scale one could mention the project Final Wooden House, a small pavillion built of pieces of timber which functions as both furniture and the construction. Another more recent project is Tokyo Appartments which consist of small house shaped structures stacked on top of each other, which brings back memories to when you first crawled up in a tree to create a small tree house. More recent the studio finished the Musashino Art Library where the library has been built as a long spiral of book shelfes. Lately Sou Fujimoto in collaboration with the danish office Adept and Topotek1 won the Dalarna Library competition in Sweeden. Sou Fujimoto has also published the book “Primitive Future” and an edition of the magazine “El Croquis” has been deticated to the works of Sou Fujimoto Architects.”

One Comment on “Se Sou Fujimoto’s forelæsning på AAA”

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