Atelier Bow-Wow forelæsning på KARCH

Professor Yoshiharu Tsukamoto fra Atelier BOW-WOW holder en åben forelæsning mandag den 12. September 2011 kl. 15 i auditorium 2!

fra KA-net:

Offentlig forelæsning: Architectural Behaviorology

Architecture and urban space associate with various behaviors: the behavior of human beings, the behavior of the natural elements, such as light, heat, water and wind, and the behavior of buildings as observed in their larger context or environment. ‘Behaviorology’ aims to understand the behaviors of those different elements, and to synthesize them to optimize their performance in their specific contexts. Accordingly it aims to integrate embedded timescales and rhythms of those behaviors into architecture and urban space.

Atelier BOW-WOW is a Tokyo-based firm founded by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima in 1992. Their interest lies in diverse fields ranging from architectural design to urban research and the creation of public artworks. The practice has designed and built over 20 houses, public museums and commercial buildings mainly in Tokyo. In recent years it has expanded its works internationally including France, Denmark and the USA.

‘Pet Architecture Guidebook’ and ‘Made In Tokyo’ published in 2001 were amongst many urban research studies that lead to experimental projects for ‘micro-public-space’, a new concept of the public space, which has been exhibited across the world at events such as Biennales in Sao Paolo, Venice, Istanbul and Liverpool.

The lecture will be held as a part of their engagement with the School of Architecture in the VELUX Visiting Professor Programme hosted by Research Institute 3 (Planning) and Study Department 5 (Space, Settlement and Building Culture)

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