Create a space activator – MAKING REAL

Af Karianne Halse og Troels Steenholdt Heiredal

“Create a space activator”; this was the challenge given to us. But instead of finding a space to activate, we found a space with a hidden activity, and choose to show this to the world.

At the Aarhus school of Architecture the servers are placed in a none heated room, thus benefiting from the cold winters to provide cooling; when hotter times comes, an air-condition unite kicks in and provides the necessary cooling whilst exhausting hot clean air to the environment. We regarded this a the breath of Aarhus school of Architecture, we wanted to show this, to use this; the relationship between the weather conditions and the activity on the servers; as a spatial exercise.

The project thus becomes about the immaterial world surrounding us; about making the immaterial visible, investigating the relationship between the context and the nature of the temporary plastic structure and the difference of the space at the inflate and collapsed state of the plastic structure. When the ventilation system is active, the plastic structure adapts to the shape of the static frame, creating an imprint of the frame and the amount of air. At inactive level, the collapse of the structure recreates the open space.

What constitutes a space? In the plastic structure, are you inside or outside? Or is it something inbetween? The thin plastic membrane separating you from the outside is constructed according to the space, the hot exhaust air holding it up keeps the climate warm and the light from the building keeps it ‘open’ at night. But is it an extension to the building or something completely on its own; in its own right. Many might refere to it as a parasite; I do not think it is, but I have a hard time putting words on it; it was more of a condition, a something that happened and only by the will of the air-condition unite, activity on the servers and weather. Would it have been posible to prolong your stay, by working the servers, and by working them extra hard could you get the temperature to raise within the space?

I think what I like most about this thing, is all the questions it raises for me, it is in no way a object, but a condition; a condition to be discussed”

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