Studio Digital Tectonics Presents: Re:Vault – Time Lapse video

Studio Digital Tectonics has worked intensively over the past 2 weeks (more than 1800 Man Hours) designing, prototyping and even small scale testing to present a pavilion that was originally inspired by Gaudi’s Principles of Invertion. Based on a script designed in Processing by Dave Pilgram, we began a form finding interrogation of what we wanted to achieve. After which we used Rhino, a NURBS program, with the aid of scripting in the language of Python, in order to logically unroll; tag and modularise each element.
Thus began the process of: laser cutting, folding, casting in concrete, joints, scaffolding and building. Just to give you an idea of the pre-built testing, we did a 24 module test, 5 different joint mechanism test and 6 piece prototype.

The final model weighs approximate 800kgs; 110 pieces including 25 base pieces; 250 scaffold pieces made of recycled industrial corrugated cardboard; 4 styrofoam blocks that were recycled from previous projects and cut to size; 500 cable-ties(5mm – 50kg Load Capacity); 50 or 2 x 6 mm thick plywood bracket on each base; and over 250 m 6mm/8mm thick reinforcement bars; On Plan the project is 7 meters long and 5 meters wide.
The structure currently stands in the exhibition space but we will be taking it down shortly for being reassembled on the 14th October, friday for the opening of the exhibition in Ridehuset ‘Aarhus Urban Lab’.

One Comment on “Studio Digital Tectonics Presents: Re:Vault – Time Lapse video”

  1. […] indviklede] generative design døre [bla. brugt på AAA's Studio Digital Tectonics seneste workshop Re:Vault til at beregne og optimere form og konstruktion i samarbejde med […]

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