This is not a new city [Master Thesis E/11] Del 4, AAA

Af Troels Steenholdt Heiredal

I keep getting the question, “when is your model gonna be done?“. Never; it’s not the purpose of the model to be done, the model is the vessel, that pulls the architecture to the surface. It has to reach a level where it can carry the project at the presentation. It’s almost at the end now. I have a few days of intensive work with the model to reach this level, to paraphrase David Gersten: when we have an incredible  amount of work to do, we must slow down in order to reach the end.

Above: Snapshot of the state of the model as it is was at the time the boards had to be delivered.

I would like to invite all, whom have found these small posts from my process interesting, to my presentation. (Monday the 23rd of January, 09.10 at Studsgade Auditorium AAA.) My mentor is Stephen Willacy, internal-critique is by Rasmus Grønbech Hansen and external critique by Helle Juul and sir Peter Cook.

Seven boards of varying sizes

Revisit part one, two and three.

One Comment on “This is not a new city [Master Thesis E/11] Del 4, AAA”

  1. Ida siger:

    Awesome man… It reminds me about my own projects in life 😉 Good luck Trolle!

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