International Festival of Art & Construction


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Sunshade is an international competition promoted by IFAC_International Festival of Art and Construction.
The object of the competition consist on designing a itinerant textil sunshade device in order to build it in a summer workshop at IFAC from 4 to 15 August, 2013 in Covarrubias (Spain).
The programme is very simple, about 70/100 square meters of shadow device.
The inscription is free.
There are two tipes of awards:
      –Ifac jury award:
The winner proposal team will develope their workshop in the International Festival of Art & Construction 2013 to build a prototipe.
Moreover, the winning team will get two Ifac entrances and a prize of 300
          – Facebook votation awards:
1st prize – one free ifac entrance
2nd prize – one 80% off on ifac entrance
3rd prize – one 60% off on ifac entrance
4th prize – one 40% off on ifac entrance
5th prize – one 20% off on ifac entrance
The 10 better projects will be shown in the Ifac 2013.

Submission deadline is 27/04/2013

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