Frank E. Blokland: Now, then, and perception

Hvad: Frank E. Blokland: Now, then, and perception

Hvornår: 16. maj, 17:45 – 19:45:

Hvor: Auditorium 90.1.20, bygn. 90, Designskolen/KADK, Philip de Langes Allé 10, DK-1435 København K

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A thorough knowledge of the historical backgrounds of one’s profession is required to determine one’s place in time and space. For instance typographers nowadays mix typefaces from different style periods without hesitation in our eclectic time. But what do they know about these types? The image typographers have of historical typefaces is in many cases based on revivals. These revivals show as much of the original style period as of the period in which they were made though; the view on history changes constantly. Frank will try to give more insight in the perception of the historical developments in the world of type, illustrating his point by showing parallels with the ‘authentic’ and ‘traditional’ music practices, and also with fine arts.

Frank E. Blokland is type designer (of amongst other typefaces, DTL Documenta and DTL Haarlemmer), Senior Lecturer in type design at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague since 1987, and lecturer / Research Fellow at the Plantin Institute of Typography, Antwerp, since 1995. Blokland founded the Dutch Type Library in 1990 and a couple of years later he initiated and supervised the development of DTL FontMaster, a set of professional font tools developed together with the German company URW++. Currently he is finishing a PhD study at Leiden University on standardizations and systematizations in roman and italic type since their Renaissance origin. er en uafhængig organisation under KADK sat i verden af lektor Steen Ejlers (KA) og adjunkt Sofie Beier (KD). Formålet er at afholde foredrag, der kan oplyse og inspirere faget om emner inden for typografi, design og wayfinding. Foredragene vil blive holdt af gæster fra ind- og udland, og af forskere og undervisere på KADK.

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