AAA Workshop: Joint Venture

At Unit 2/3C (Laboratory of Nordic Architecture) the act of traditional craftsmanship meets digital fabrication in an attempt to revitalize the adoration of wooden joinery. With the common semester theme at 2nd and 3rd year being “Covering”, unit C’s investigations this fall takes it point of departure in the roof, and more specifically in timber construction. During a two-week hands-on workshop a total of ten post-and-beam-elements were carried out in oak and finally joined together as a furniture-scaled structure unfolding a varied catalogue of splicing, connecting, mortise and tenon joints.

”Craftsmen take pride most in skills that mature. This is why simple imitation is not a sustaining satisfaction; the skill has to evolve. The slowness of craft time serves as a source of satisfaction; practice beds in, making the skill one’s own. Slow craft time also enables the work of reflection and imagination – which the push for quick results cannot.”

Richard Sennet, The Craftsman

The workshop is regarded as one of this semester’s introductory investigations to working with timber constructions, which will finally lead to longer term, individual experiments and explorations within this field of research.

Pass by Riddersalen for a closer look (it is hard to imagine how it possibly should be moved from this location)

/ Torris Kaul, Mads Bjørn Christiansen

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