Konkurrence: 120 løfter sløret for årets tema



Således lyder stikordene for årets tema i dette års 120 HOURS-konkurrence, der i dag blev offentliggjort på ArchDaily.

Det er blevet tradition, at konkurrencen, der løber over 5 døgn (120 timer brutto), således langsomt sættes i gang et par uger inden selve kick off. D. 17/2 bliver selve konkurrencen offentliggjort, men de stiftende studiekolleger fra Norge forklarer her nærmere om konkurrencens formål:

The keywords of this years competition are sustainability and experience.

It has become a tradition that the theme of the competition is revealed two weeks before the launch, and this year is no exception. The theme this year was revealed exclusively on ArchDaily.

-This year we want to challenge our fellow students to rethink the relationship between sustainability and architecture, says co-founder Hans Martin Halleraker.

Sustainable architecture is no longer a topic in itself. Environmental awareness is always a factor in any project architects venture into. Still the common practice is to consider sustainability as a pure stylistic, engineered solution.

– In 120 HOURS 2014, we want to explore sustainability not on the count of architectural quality, but as a tool for critical thinking. Additionally, the winning project must present an immersive experience within the structure itself, with radiance beyond the site, into the city and/or the interactive realm, says co-founder Peder Brand.

Getting physical
The organizers want the students to challenge the current condition of sustainability in architecture, while at the same time generating an experience for the audience. The latter is especially important this year, because the competition is introducing a whole new level of reality:

– It is our hope that the winning project will be built in Oslo this summer. Over the last year we have been working with a high-profiled partner organization in order to be able to realize the winning proposal, says co-founder Magnus Asker Pettersen.

Does this mean that this year’s winner will actually get a real commission?

– Yes, that is what we are working towards, every day.

Det kommer således til at handle mere om at redefinere bæredygtighedsprincippets sammenspil med arkitekturen end endnu en omgang grønne floskler. Man kan med andre ord godt begynde at glæde sig!

Hvis der er første gang man hører om konkurrencen, kan man læse mere og se tidligere års vindere på deres hjemmeside. Synes godt om 120 HOURS på Facebook for at få ny info løbende.

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