MEMORANDUM – recreated from memory – the reconstruction of a place
By: Sine Emilie Haack Lindholm

Forgetting is the crucial balance to remembering, and it is through the loss of memory, or through forgetting, that we, voluntarily or not, make selections and then decipher meaning, from what we retain… [it] is normally a natural process to lose sight of buildings and places of memories unfolding right before our eyes. Yet the sights we lose to memory, or the sights we lose to our displacement, can exist elsewhere, in other places, in other forms. They may be sight lost, perhaps, but ultimately, they are sights found.Shelly Hornstein

In this project memory has been studied in correlation to architecture, from an experimental starting point, claiming that memory as an instrument can contribute with an imaginary aspect to elaborate and challenge the boundaries of architecture.
Architecture is usually something we associate with being visual and physical, but it is equally important to notice how architecture affects us all, and to investigate what happens to the memory of a place, when we lose sight of it.
By studying the same memory in a period of time, one will be able to find information about the imprinted qualities and the essence of a place, rooted in one’s body.
This project aimed at recalling and reconstructing a subjective experience of a place three times, as a serial reproduction. This approach served as an investigation of how a memory of a specific place changes over a period of time.
The thesis of the experiment has been that the memory continues to work with the impressions of a given place, and narrows down the specific memory, which finally only consist of the most impression-making moments and essential elements about the place.
Using myself as a test person I have worked towards a transformation of my mental space from an implicit passive archive, towards an explicit active archive. An archive which serves as an instrument to discover the poetry and examine the potentials of the ever-changing conditions.
The experiment illustrates that a new place emerges, when losing sight of a place. A dynamic place that moves beyond the three-dimensional space, thereby deforming the restrictions of our general expectation of the potentials and configurations of a place. With architecture as a foundation, an ever-transforming personal architecture arises.

1. Diagram of movement

1. Reconstruction, fotogrammer

1. Reconstruction, model fragments

1. Reconstruction, box

2. Diagram of movement

2. Reconstruction, fotogrammer

2. Reconstruction, model fragments

2. Reconstruction, box

3. Diagram of movement

3. Reconstruction, fotogrammer

3. Reconstruction, model fragments

3. Reconstruction, box

Cartographic drawing

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