Udstilling: “In Production” udstilles i BOX (Lynfabrikken)

Opening reception, May 15, 2014 4 – 6 PM Vestergade 49, Aarhus

The installation takes 19th century principles of spatial decoration as a jumping-off point to explore relations between technologies of production and production of subjects. Today, through the lens of late modernity, the aesthetic choices of the 19th century appear archaic; like leftover scraps from a time where social relations were ingrained in dust- ridden, musty, and excessively decorated interiors. IN PRODUCTION juxtaposes this domestic ideology with another product of the 19th century, psychoanalysis, and its quest to peel away the layers of repression that hide the human unconscious.
BOX is LYNfabrikken’s storefront exhibition space in Vestergade, Aarhus. Visually accessible around the clock, BOX hosts exhibitions of a conceptual nature that blur the boundaries between art and design.